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Monday, January 24, 2011

~Week 8 in BeST Programme~

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This week, we continued our last week session on clinical research organized by the Clinical Research Skills Training & Events (CReST EvendZ).

17 January 2011
- Today, we had an interactive session with Mdm. Anne John Michael, discussing on good writing for effective communication. It's important for those who interested to involved in medical writing as medical communication media. The examples are journal articles, magazine, medical article for mainstream media and posters or brochures. Then, we proceeded with publication ethics and types of scientific publications. Last but not least, we learned about writing styles and preparing a paper for a scientific journal.

18 January 2011
- We continued the session with Dr. Lim Tech Onn, a consultant, discussing in introduction to healthcare biotechnology therapeutic products and the discovery and development of new drug. But the most interesting part of the session for me was during the presentation on career opportunities in healthcare biotechnology industry as I'm able to see the opportunities which I may overlooked before, thinking that it's not my field and I'm not suitable for it.  

19 January 2011
- The session on clinical research with CReST EvendZ ended today with discussion on contract research in Malaysia with Mdm. Loh Choon Shane. Then, we proceed with contract research organization (CRO) and development and challenges in contract research. We ended the session with a short discussion and Q&A session on the career opportunities in clinical research.

The session with CReST EvendZ was so informative. I learned a lot and discovered so many new thing especially in healthcare biotechnology. It's not necessarily means that we must be in healthcare mainstream if we want to join this so-called sexy industry. But the most important thing is the passion that highly demanded if you intended to join this field as the research will not only improve on the life quality but also may help saving more life in the future. 

Wallahu a'lam..  

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